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About Us

Welcome to our Lane – we’re so glad you found us!

My name is Desirae and I’m the owner and ring leader of this circus of a boutique, 4 Oak Lane Apparel. On our Lane you will find all the pretty things!

Some fun facts about me and our Shop:

🌸 I worked retail my entire college career and vowed to never work in retail again – YET HERE I AM. I’m pretty sure the universe is laughing at me right now!

🌸 I LOVE French Bulldogs! Our Frenchie Girl makes regular appearances in our Live Sales and photoshoots and our customers love her.

🌸 Pizza does have a place for pineapple. I said it! FIGHT ME!

🌸 I LOVE senseless reality TV – I don’t know why I am the way I am.

🌸 The world is a better (and safer) place when I have my coffee.

🌸 We live and run our boutique out of beautiful sunny Central Florida.

🌸 I was raised on an island in the Caribbean where I learned to speak Spanish and fall in love with the traditions of my ancestors. The island life is some kind of special! So I’m bilingual – comuniquese conmigo y le ayudo en lo que sea de mi boutique.

🌸 My husband and I have 4 kids and together we run this joint! My husband Chris is our CFO, my oldest son is our website photographer, my second oldest son assists with technical support, my daughter assists with inventory and live sales my youngest is who we refer to as our Senior Package Handler and the one who helps get all your packages out the door.

🌸 4 Oak is an acronym for my “4 of a kind” kiddos. It’s not an address on the map but it is in my head as on most days I feel like I live in 4 different houses with all their different personalities and needs.

I started this boutique in July of 2020 and in the middle of a pandemic – I KNOW, crazy! To be honest, it happened sort of by accident. My studies, career and entire professional background have been in Human Resources and Recruiting but just like so many, once the pandemic hit my position was eliminated. I loved my job and what I did for a living so when determining my strengths and where to shift them towards, I realized just how much I enjoy customer service and offering a world class customer experience. (Yes, as an HR Generalist and Recruiter you have “customers” and I loved to serve.) So in the midst of a toilet paper shortage, a lockdown and a lot of uncertainty I decided to merge my love for customer service, my love for a great online shopping experience and my ultimate love for fun, stylish and functional clothing. Online shopping is HARD! But it doesn’t have to be and I wanted to create an experience where our customers not only trust our brand but experience online shopping and fitting as if they were shopping in person. We carry that same mentality in store for the ultimate online and in person experience. We are truly a family run business and each member of our family has a role whether it be shipping, photography for our website and even our live sales. When you shop with us you are shopping small, supporting a family and we can’t thank you enough for choosing us!

If there is anything we can do to ensure a wonderful customer experience please don’t hesitate to reach out.